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Types of Studs to Accent Your Clothing

download (15)If you want to liven up the plain or boring clothes, it is possible to apply a fabulous collection of studs, spikes or rivets. Buying the pre-studded clothing can be quite expensive, so the more cost-effective solution is to buy the regular top or jacket and self apply the different types of studs. Plus, there studs are relatively cheap to buy, so make it possible to invest in several different types to create the most-unique designs at home.

Types of studs

There are several different types of studs. The major difference relates to the method used to fasten the stud to clothing. The fastening methods include glue, special fastener pieces and prongs.

Most of the normal studs like hearts, stars and pyramids have the basic prong on the rear. This is a very simple fastening method and simply involves pushing the stud through an item of clothing and pulling back the prongs on the rear side. Many of the studs let you manhandle the prongs into place, although there are specialized pliers that can help complete this work.

Any of the studs with a shape

4 Useful Tips to Buy the Perfect Special Occasion Dress

download (16)With such a plethora of special occasions to attend throughout the year, such as homecoming, prom and weddings, it is necessary for many of us to invest in a new outfit. But, in order to shop for the right outfit it helps to research the market and fully understand what is available. Here are four tips to help in the process of buying the perfect special outfit for an upcoming event:

Have a basic idea of what you want

Before starting the shopping process and visiting the local clothes stores it helps to have at least a basic idea of the type or style of dress you want. Use magazines or print media sources to get 2 or 3 dress styles that you believe will give the desired classic or sleek look, and also the desired comfort for the entire time you will have to wear it.

Don’t get fixated on one particular dress

Even if you do find the perfect looking dress while search through magazines or online, there is a great chance of not being able to find an exact copy. For this

Tips to Choose Your Custom Team Bride Shirts

download (14)If you are getting married sometime soon, we are sure you are busy planning every little detail of the event. For most, an elaborate photo shoot before, during and after the ceremony matters most, after all, those pictures stay with you forever as priceless memories.

Brides looking to incorporate personalized wedding items can think of custom team bride shirts for the entourage as well as family members and relatives. And, here are tips to choose the best.

Fabric options

Give special attention to the fabric choice for your custom cheap team bride shirts. The selection usually includes cotton, cotton blends and polyester blends. Each has their pros and cons. While cotton is better quality and more comfortable, it’s a slightly expensive option. Cotton and polyester blends won’t shrink, have fewer creases (can be worn without ironing) and are also cheaper. Also, take into consideration factors such as weave and thread count.

Get creative

So, to say the design is the soul of your custom team bride shirts. If it wasn’t, you’d rather buy any shirt from the market. Companies offering T-shirt printing have a collection of

Real Softness to See and Feel

download (12)The soft and refined fibre that we call “cashmere” or “golden fleece” is nothing but the undercoat of a rare goat, the kashmir that is bred in Tibet, China, the Mongolian plateau and Iran. Despite their origin, these animals are bred in different parts of the world, including Italy.

Its shearing only occurs in late spring, because it’s the hottest period of those regions. Thanks to this procedure, the best-quality wool is obtained.

A good annual production of fibre is about 200 grams per cleaned fibre. However, not all cashmere is created equal. In order to obtain good quality cashmere, goats are selected using an annually fiber test.

What makes this type of wool precious is the thickness and the diameter of each hair: the finer the fibre is, the more refined the wool will be.

Indeed, cashmere is a wavy, opaque fibre with a diameter of 14-18 microns (finer than Merino wool, the most refined sheep wool, whose diameter is about 24 microns), and an insulating power 10 times higher than wool.

Why is this type of refined wool so warm and light? Because it

3 Things To Know Before Buying A Leather Briefcase

images (2)Whether you finally landed that big promotion or you are soon to graduate from a university and take on the world, finding the perfect leather briefcase is essential. Stepping off the metro with a fine leather briefcase in hand seems to radiate maturity, trust and devotion; it says, “I take my work seriously.” Leather briefcases are the tried and true standard for carrying and protecting vital documents, electronics, and those pesky pens that always manage to get lost in your pocket. But how do you find the perfect case that balances style and personality with quality and durability? Following are three critical things to consider as you shop.

1) Not all leather briefcases are created equal

The quality of your briefcase should be one of the biggest factors in your decision to buy. You are in it for the long haul, so do not settle for something that will break down after only a year of use. The single most important factor that determines the quality of a leather briefcase is, naturally, the leather. Real animal leather is what you want to look

Stay Effortlessly Classy With Polo T-Shirts

download (11)Originated back in the 19th century, a polo t-shirt is still one of the most versatile piece any man can own. This well-dressed cousin of a t-shirt was originally designed for polo and tennis players. Earlier considered to be a sportswear, has now become an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. There’s something effortlessly cool and timeless about polo t-shirts for men that make them an ideal summer wear. Being an exceptionally flexible shirt, made of light fabrics and short sleeves, it’s a must have in your closet. If worn correctly, it may turn you into a style icon! However, if done wrong, it can be a disaster!

Confused? Forget your worries! Here we explain how to buy and style men’s polo t-shirts:

1. Nail the fit!

In any outfit, the most important element to watch for is its fit! Yes, if it’s well fitted, it’s bound to look good. The sleeves should just hit the mid bicep and the length should end halfway down the trouser fly, depends on your height too. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Make sure to

Louis Vuitton Bags – Real or Knockoff

images (3)These are very expensive luxury handbags with some costing over five thousand dollars. One example is a chain wallet that may cost under ten dollars in a department store, but make it a Louis Vuitton bag and it can cost almost two thousand dollars. Since 1854 this company has been creating waves in the fashion world and just thinking about owning one of their handbags is enough to make a woman sigh.

Unfortunately, there are some manufactures that have taken advantage of the name and have made and circulated knockoff Louis Vuitton bags. According to research done approximately eighty percent of people who have bought designer handbags thinking they were real are tricked or fooled into buying knockoffs at the cost of authentic handbags. The luxury handbag that is most widely knocked off and circulated as authentic are handbags from this brand.

There are some things about bags from this brand that may be able to help you know a real deal from a knockout. One thing is the price because an authentic Louis Vuitton is expensive and when you see some that

4 Popular Prom Dresses for Every Shape

download (10)Are you finding it difficult to decide on the perfect outfit for an upcoming special occasion? There are plenty of popular prom dresses that vary in relation to the style, neckline, design and length. To avoid getting overwhelmed when visiting the different stores to shop for a dress, it can benefit to become an informed shopper and learn about the types and styles available. Some of the choices include a one-shoulder, empire, high-low, lace-covered, sheath, A-line and ball gown. Here is an overview of some of the popular dress styles available:

Ballroom Gowns

The ballroom gown is designed with a full skirt that is styled to billow out at waist height until it reaches the ankles. The top half of the outfit is usually a corset type top and the large skirt is styled with embroidery, ruffles, pearls, sequins or lace. The preferred fabrics for this formal dress include velvet, satin, silk and taffeta. Plus, this outfit goes great with dancing shoes and a matching purse or clutch bag.


The A-line dress is a very feminine and chic choice that is narrow in the

Choosing the Right Bag – Look Smart Any Day of the Week

download (9)Choose Style
Since there are several styles of day bags available on the market, there is little to ask oneself outside of basic questions like if a strap is necessary, and if a cross body style would work well in that case. If one needs to use their arms for the day, that’d be a great bonus, but if just going from say one’s vehicle into the workplace then a simple, one shoulder strap or handles will work.

Basically think about when the day bag will be used most often and determine straps, no straps or what type of straps from there. This narrows down the style choices easily and quickly.

Consider the Size
Take stock of what will be carried around in the day bag. Whether it’s just keys, phone and wallet or it’ll be holding makeup, sunglasses, perfume or pens and notepad. This will determine the size needed.

Some like carrying around things “just in case,” while others are fine sticking to the essentials. A tote day bag is perfect for keeping a bit more inside, and as a bonus it has

Never Lose Keys Again With These Ingenious Tricks

download (8)From purse key hooks to apps and alarms it’s easy to find the best solution. Never again go to leave somewhere and panic as to where keys are! With Bluetooth technology or a simple purse key hook one can track where they are or get an alert as to the last known location.

Since there are lots of different ways to do the tracking, check out the latest and their benefits to help make the best decision as to which will fit in with daily routines. There’s an app for that!

The latest products feature a stylish keyring to attach objects to, namely one’s keys. It can be hooked to a laptop case, a purse, basically anything that one loses on a daily basis. Once it’s attached, it can be registered with the app. Then the user will be able to locate the object with ease!

Of course, this doesn’t help if the phone is the thing being lost but a good idea is to partner with a buddy, be it a spouse or someone that lives with. This way they can back one

5 Beach Accessories Every Woman Needs for a Stylish Summer

download (7)It is summer time and this means more fun and outdoor activities to help you unwind.

Whether you love spending time on the beach or you are more at ease hanging out with friends and family there is no denying this is the best time of the year. As a stylish lady, you definitely care about how you look when you step out.

Just because it is time to lay back and enjoy does not mean you should throw out your exquisite touch of style.

Luckily, there is a wide selection of accessories that will help maintain your perfect sense of fashion. Here are some items that will help accentuate your distinct sense of fashion this summer:

1. Stylish Beach Bags

A bag is a perfect choice if you are spending time near the seaside. Unlike traditional totes which were bland and uninspiring you now have a wide selection of stylish beach bags to choose from. These bags blend functionality and beauty to make your time at the seashore more convenient.

These glamorous ladies beach bags have a waterproof lining to protect sensitive items such as

Types of Hair Smoothing Treatment

download (6)This is a cosmetic procedure that is used to remove natural waves and curls from your hair. After this procedure it will give your hair a straightened smooth look. The process will generally work by using chemicals that will affect the hair molecules, breaking down the bones that give your hair strands their curls or waves. There are various types of hair smoothing treatments that range in potential damage to your hair, effectiveness, and cost.

Keratin hair smoothing treatments

This treatment is one of the most common types and is also referred to as Brazilian hair straightening. These hair smoothing treatments involves using keratin, which is a form of protein that naturally occurs in your hair follicles. Formaldehyde, a chemical is mixed with the keratin protein to help it to bond to the molecules in your hair, making them smooth. The results from this treatment will last approximately a couple of months. At this time you will need to have this treatment redone.

Chemical relaxers hair smoothing treatments

This treatment is one that is less damaging to your hair and more affordable than the others.

Finding Beloved Brand Name Handbags for Less – It’s Actually Simple!

download (2)There are, of course, disadvantages as well as advantages to both routes. This choice is up to the shopper, but most agree that a longer-lasting brand name handbag is a smart investment and if at all possible they should choose to purchase them over those that will only last a couple years at most. Here are some ways in which anyone can buy a top, designer brand name handbag for less than retail.

Step One:

Stop wasting money on lesser handbags. Just because a person can’t afford a new, brand name handbag doesn’t mean they should continue to throw cash into one that will under-deliver. All of the classics are still available today, whether they are this season’s newest design or from many years ago. They are still worn and sought after no matter how “old” they are. So with a bit of fortitude one can find them for much less than the original price and still be in style.

Know this, many of the premier handbags by top names can sell for up to 75% of their retail value depending on condition, and

5 Benefits of the Convertible Dresses

download (5)The convertible style of dress is a simple, yet effective solution to transform the style. This type of dress is designed with long sashes that make it really easy to convert, style, and wrap the outfit in plenty of different ways. Whether you are looking for full coverage, strapless or backless, this dress is a practical solution for the formal occasion like bridesmaid dresses to the more everyday casual wear. It is a very flattering and versatile dress that has no limitations. Here are five of the top benefits of the convertible dress:

Save space

The ability to include multiple dress styles in one means it is possible to save quite a lot of space in the wardrobe. Many of these dresses have the ability to include up to four styles in a single piece, which is certain to appeal to those that have limited storage space in an apartment.

Travel light

Making your way to an upcoming special event or traveling to a vacation destination with a 50-pound suitcase is not ideal. Also, the extra weight of traveling with more clothes can result in

Pick the Right Type of Designer Handbag for Any Occasion

download (3)The big brand names are just some of the big names that women search for worldwide. These companies among others are trend setting and always fashion forward so it makes sense that these timeless handbags are at the top of every woman’s wish list. Further, every subsequently created bag is made to complement the previous season’s favorites.

Many don’t know that with each bag comes a story. They could be designed for or named after popular fashion icons like Princess Diana, Grace Kelly and even fictional character Carrie Bradshaw from the famous television show in the City. Women adore these handbags and are still jonesing for them years after they were introduced.

Price Tags – They Can Be Shocking
Most of these brands of handbag and those similar are known for their brand name, value that holds and of course their enormous price tags. In fact, the most luxurious can range all the way up to $200,000 or more in the U.S. Most aren’t able to not pay mortgage for a year in order to own one, but some can!

Thankfully, the fine materials

Types Of Women Kurtis According To Every Occasion

download (4)Whether it is about clothing, eating or decorating, Indians have a preppy taste that makes them really sound and attractive. It’s not a dead end when it comes to ethnic wear or traditional dresses. Indian ethnic wear comes in a load of variety that everyone can have their own pick individually. But depending upon the weather and humid situations of the area, dresses are selected. In a country of vivacity like India, women love to wear Indian sarees, salwar suits, kurtis and tunics with their complementary bottom wears, blouses and different types of salwars. In urbane world, women and girls find kurtis and tunics as a perfect fit for every occasion and event. But this simple and classic named kurti is not just a single name. One can find variety of kurtis in markets and while online shopping. Depending upon their necklines, vehement types of sleeves, adorable lengths, type of flare, extra add-ons and many more things are responsible to make the vivacity of kurtis.

But if you nail it properly then only you will get to know that there is no

How To Wear And Take Care Of A Tulle Skirt

download (1)A tulle skirt is a beautiful outfit that is made from different materials such as silk, rayon, and nylon. The cool thing about the outfit is that you can wear it in different ways. Here are some of the ways that you can wear the outfit:

Casual look

If you like the casual look, you should wear it with graphic or 3D shirts. If you like rings, you should wear a number of combo rings to make the casual look more interesting.

Street look

If you are a street girl there is no reason why you can’t have the street look. To have the look you should wear your skirt with cozy pieces such as denim shirts, blouse, and chambray. When wearing the shirts ensure that they aren’t too large thus making you uncomfortable.

Hip and sexy look

There is no lady that doesn’t want to feel sexy. Thanks to the tulle you not only have to feel it, you can also look sexy. All you need to do is pair your tulle skirt with a corset or sexy top.

Girly look

If you like the feminine look, get

The Advantages And How To Choose The Best

downloadThe wet season cannot be avoided; duties and tasks must be executed as usual even during rainy days. Umbrellas are the most obvious items to have during this season as they help in keeping you dry as you go about doing what needs to be done. Whereas the umbrellas come in very handy, there are some situations where it is much better to have a raincoat than an umbrella. Raincoats come in a wide range of sizes, lengths, colors and designs and you can therefore choose according to your personal style or preferences. But what exactly are the advantages of choosing a raincoat?

· A raincoat makes the perfect choice, especially for kids who are not able to handle an umbrella very well. They just slip it on and they are dry and remain flexible.

· The raincoats offer a lot of convenience to those who need to walk in the rain but have their hands full. If you have bags to carry and cannot free a hand to hold the umbrella up, the raincoat offers you this convenience. They also prove beneficial to

Working With Fashion Bloggers for Product Promotion and Purchasing Decisions Is Smart

images (1)What better way than through bloggers to find out what consumers really want, and what they like or dislike about a product? Plus, aligning with a popular blogger can mean good exposure for a product, whether it’s clothing, accessories or makeup.

Bloggers are Hugely Influential

Word of mouth but amped up is a great way to describe bloggers. They have a far greater outreach and reach more people all at once than one friend or neighbour expressing their thoughts on to another. Plus, their market is the exact one in which product manufacturers want to reach!

Influential people could be anyone from the person next door to a famous celebrity. bloggers exist somewhere in that mix, but what most don’t realize is that the reach of a blogger is far greater than others, in fact up to 80% higher! Plus, many consumers feel a smaller community is more influential.

No matter the size of their community, the fact they are regarded as experts on these products is enough to make consumers step out and try them out more so than they would at the suggestion

4 Great Things to Like About the Infinity Dresses

imagesThe infinity dress (also called convertible dress) is one of the hottest dress types of the season. They are great for plenty of formal occasions and great as cocktail dresses, evening dresses, or bridesmaids dresses. Also, this style of dress is great for everyday wear and perfect for the women that are planning on going out in the evening after a long day at work. Infinity dresses come in a wide range of colors that are easily intertwined to create the desired look to match the specific event or occasion. Here are four of the things to love about this style of dress:

Bridesmaids look unique

One of the most popular uses for this style of outfit is the versatile options that come with the bridesmaid convertible dresses. This style of dress makes it possible for each of the bridesmaids to have the exact same color of dress, but it is possible to easily create the most unique look by styling in different ways. Plus, this has the practical benefit of customizing the dress to fully complement the different size and shape of bridesmaid.